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“I’m a man” ….. the phrase that makes us women want to cut off your penis

Dear men, remember I’m super pretty while reading this, you all are probably going to want to strangle me, and not in a kinky sexual way. 

“I’m a man.” As women we hear this excuse on a daily basis. The male species has adapted this phrase as a coping mechanism when they have made a mistake or royally fucked up in some way. Also as women we have come to accept this excuse due to the fact that it’s easier than starting the pointless argument explaining that this isn’t a legitimate reason.

I have heard this excuse way too many times lately. I have also heard this excuse being used by men for other men when ranting about this commonly used phrase. So I have began to wonder what “I am a man” really means… to a man.

First off. The majority of you who possess a penis, NOT ALL (this is a beeps disclaimer), but majority seem to believe that since you are a man you are capable of doing certain things.

Especially when it comes to those things sexual…surprise, surprise

Like your girlfriend catches you staring your servers tits at dinner. “But babe I can’t help it I’m a man.” Or when you make us want to stab you for hitting on one of our friends & suggesting a threesome, “But babe of course I’d want that I’m a man.” Or when you fuck up in any way that you feel isn’t your actual fault it’s the fact that you have a penises fault.

Men though well they see no wrong in this phrase, nah it’s totally a legitimate reason in their minds. Which drives us women to the end of insanity when we try and rationalize how stupid this makes males sound. It makes us actually want to suffocate you…. & not by sitting on your faces.

Really? You’re a man? That’s your excuse for being a DOUCHEBAG? You really think this is what you should tell a woman after already making her want to castrate your balls … NO. This is the exact opposite of what should be said after you have fucked up. Deflecting responsibility of your actions onto your testosterone isn’t something that will bode well.

See women, we don’t use this phrase, no you don’t see us staring at a dudes dick while we are grocery shopping with you then saying… “But baby I’m a woman.” Oh hell if we even tried to pull that excuse “ Damn baby I’m a woman I have needs.” You’d cut our tits off. You don’t think we are horny as fuck and don’t think about getting it on just as much as you, oh we do. We sure as hell do, and we would love to place the blame on the fact that we have vaginas. But us women, we know better than that 😉

I have come to realize though that this phrase is not one to be argued with. The men that use this phrase oh they will defend it until you give in so they’ll just shut up. It’s a phrase that’s used by the “boy-men” you know the type, ones who are looking for a mother not a girlfriend. So instead of letting this phrase drive me insane, I’m using it as a warning sign to run for the hills when it makes its first appearance.

Now don’t think I’m a crazy feminist or hostile toward the D holders after you read this. I love men and their insanity; I just can’t handle the ones that blame their brainless penis for choices that are done in their noggins.


 shout out to the dude staring, its okay though he’s a man 😉

9 responses to ““I’m a man” ….. the phrase that makes us women want to cut off your penis

  1. I agree that there are a lot of d-bags out there that do use this excuse, but, there’s also just as many if not more that don’t act like that. The funny thing about it is that for as much as women say they don’t want that type of guy, it’s usually the one they end up dating(not saying you). Our society and pop culture has turned “peacocking” and “fist pumping” into acceptable behavior. All the while acting like a gentleman has become frowned upon for some reason. Have faith, not all of us are douchebags lol. I’ll still keep opening doors and buying flowers and saying “beautiful” instead of “hot” just for you :). Keep up the good work on the blog and I love your pics on IG.

  2. Dave ⋅

    Working hard, paying bills, being hairy, and having calloused hands are the only things “cuz im a man” should ever be used as a reason why.

  3. Dassia ⋅

    Have an ex that would use this phrase… Thing was, he would commit the same mistake over and over and over again to the point that I actually asked him if he had learning problems or he was playing asshole. I guess that’s another reason why he’s an ex.

    Anyways awesome post!!! 🙂

  4. Esteban ⋅

    Okay that guy looking at your ass you prob got a good one and the shorts you got on prob make it look good there go he is checking it out .. . like women stare and stand in front of the mirror longer then a man does to make sure she looks good there go a man looks at them . . . 🙂 I’m not making a excuse for all men but yeah guys do say that I’m a man line when they fuck up but there tools and dnt got an excuse for looking dwn there servers shirt hey she prob had a shirt that shows off her boobs to get a bigger tip by douche bags I’m just saying your right in some way .

  5. konrad ⋅

    I completely agree with what your saying but I do think there are some legitemacys to the phrase “I’m a man”. As well as “I am women”. Both sexs deal with diffirent exesses of hormons. Thus, you can expect that, monthly, women will be moody and weekly peeks of begin horny for men. I think both sexs embelish there side of the story for the simple fact that we can never know what the opposite sex is going through. And I think that is what pisses both you and me off. I think a relationship based on “I’m a man I get to fuck you” and “I’m a women I don’t have to help you with manual labour” is just a means to an end. And in the end, I think its not a relationship, but a partnership that will make both parties the happest.


  7. Steve ⋅

    The only “men” who use this sentence are boys. Unless it’s someone going to war or some sort of thing :P.

  8. Steve ⋅

    The “men” that use this a definitely boy-men. Real men also hate that sentence, because it “shapes the mold” which some people try not to fit into.

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